Formigas do Futuro

DRH Bustrup

Green Schools

 As part of the project, the trainee students have been mobilizing local primary schools to become "Green Schools". 10 demands have to be fulfilled to qualify as a Green School, including appropriate waste management; the availability and use of hand washing and improved latrine facilities at the school; the existence of flowers and plants; the planting of at least 50 trees per year; Nature Walks and environment lessons in the curriculum; and Open Days for the Community on environmental issues.

Ski Track Ready for Competitions

ADPP's rich history

 ADPP's history is rich and has at times been as dramatic as the history of Angola.
This is the short version of a long history- with much more to come as ADPP continues its commitment to development throughout Angola.

Child Aid

Amade’s life Story

“We had little food or clothes and there was no money for school,” Amade said.  At 13, Amade was put in an orphanage, as his mother could no longer care for him.  “Most of the children in the orphanage were coming from the street,” he said, “and conditions there were not good.”

Just when life seemed as bad as it could get, Amade received some good news.  The company his father had worked for in South Africa (Vaal Reefs) offered to pay for primary school.  With this support, Amade started school at Cidadela das Crianças or “Children’s Town.”